PDP: A Party Lying Itself to Extinction


Ayantunji Benjamin Gbenro (PhD)

The PDP’s Dubai Strategy was succinctly summed up in one of Adolf Hitler’s famous saying “Make the lie big. Make it simple. Keep saying it, and eventually people will believe it” as quoted in a tweet by Dr. John Danfulani, one of the online influencers of PDP on the 26th of December 2018 at about 6:52pm. PDP, it’s candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and his running mate, Mr. Peter Obi and their handlers both online and offline have taken this tactics of Dubbing and Lying which will ultimately lead to a catastrophic tragedy after the eventual defeat by President Mohammadu Buhari and his party APC on the 16th of February 2019. The most painful of this strategy is that they don’t rate their followers. They keep churning out one easily verifiable lie after the other. When they are exposed for what they are, they move on the next lie as if nothing happened.

How does a party whose utterances cannot be trusted be entrusted with the management of a nation like Nigeria. When President Buhari’s claim of some earth-shaking achievements during his 2018 budget presentation were fact checked by Premium time, he was largely found to be saying the truth despite the disputation by PDP lawmakers and their followers. AIT went further to sponsor reporters with cameras to all project sites mentioned and came out with the same result, The President’s submissions were 100% true. When Atiku’s running mate, Mr. Peter Obi made claims during the Vice President’s debate were subjected to the same rigorous scrutiny by same media houses, the result was return almost 100% false. Mr. Peter Obi brazenly lied on live TV and later deleted tweets with the same claim to clean his tracks and life goes on as if nothing happened.

The claim that Atiku has about one hundred thousand employees under his direct employment has also been proven to be false. The truth is he probably has less than 10% of that in his employment. This number is great in itself and you begin to wonder why the lie, except he is possessed by spirit of lying. His running mate’s lies about having just a wrist watch and a house has also been shown to be another lie. It has been proven that he owns an apartment in Banana Island and another in the US. Considering the fact that Mr. Peter Obi was a successful businessman before venturing into politics and that nobody will question his possession of such properties, why should he lie? Same lying spirit plaguing his principal. President Buhari and his Vice on the other hand declared their assets almost four years ago and nobody has disputed the declaration up to these days. That is an evidence of undeniable integrity which PDP and its candidate can only dream of.

The PDP and its candidate seem to be on overdrive recently with almost a lie every day. From the party’s claim that INEC is setting up polling booths outside Nigeria which has been shown to be a lie. To Atiku’s claim he called a departed soldier’s wife to sympathize which was shown not only to be a lie but a callous disregard for the ultimate sacrifice made by a falling hero to secure our beloved nation and an utter disrespect to the grieving family.

The latest lie was started by Buba Galadima on Channels TV program that Buhari’s relatives have turned Daura to Dubai and that those he used to give two thousand naira for transport are now Billionaires from government patronage. You may be forgiven if you assumed the Daura Buba Galadima was talking about is on another planet and that’s why Channels cannot fact check him. How difficult is it for PDP to share with us the picture of Dubai in Daura or on the alternative, sponsor some of their friends in the media to do a documentary on the miraculous transformation of Daura. As if that is not enough, Atiku himself through his spokesperson claimed Buhari owns chunk of shares of Etisalat and Keystone Bank. The same Buhari they mocked with no business acumen has suddenly becomes a business magnate playing it big in the corporate world. Why should any intelligent individual tell a lie that can easily be expose by a click on google or check with CAC. Are these the people hoping to govern this great country? What a tragedy!!

Tracking the lies told by PDP and its candidate in the last one month alone will be enough to write volumes of books. The tragedy is not only in the lies but how unintelligent these lies are. If these are the strategy of PDP to win the 2019 election, then Governor El Rufai of Kaduna State is right when he said that no intelligent person is left in the party. At the rate at which PDP keeps churning out lies, the party may lie itself into extinction before February 16th 2019. Nigerians are not as stupid as the party and its candidate assume.

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