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Man beats up girlfriend for dumping him after collecting 20k for her school fees

Man, whose name is yet to be ascertained, was captured in a short video clip, furiously demanding to have back his alleged twenty thousand naira, (20k) which he reportedly gave to his purported ex-girl friend Jane for her school fees.

From the video, the girl did not deny collecting the money from the man, but was heard when she agreed to pay back the next day. However, the man who stormed her school to create a scene, forgot he was in a citadel of learning, where utmost serenity is needed.

He was spotted slapping, pushing and voicing out his anger in the midst of students presence at the scene. From the video also, a student was heard asking the girl her reasons for collecting the money from the man and till go ahead to break-up with him.

Efforts made by some students to hold back the man from beating the girl was futile, as the man had more supporters than those who are for the girl.

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